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What are High CBD Cannabis Strains and How are they Used

Talk to sufferers of fibromyalgia, autism, and anxiety and they may be able to describe to you their symptoms, but chances are they won’t be able to tell you the “why is it here?” or the “where does it come from?”. All three disorders come with devastating effects on the minds and bodies of those […]

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Marijuana: Types and Effects on the Human Body

Marijuana: types and effects on the human body Cannabis, or as we like to more commonly refer to it as ‘weed’, happens to be a psychoactive drug. It is sometimes used for medical purposes and is a commonplace recreational drug. Lets briefly explore the 3 main types of marijuana, and see how they differ from […]

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How to Safely Incorporate Cannabis with Fitness

Yes, you can use cannabis before a workout. It may surprise you the number of people who do it on a regular basis. Perhaps when you were a teenager you thought of people “toking up” outside the gym was a burn-out thing to do, but it’s something that athletes like Jim McAlpine have been doing […]

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How to Grow Weed at Home

How to Grow Weed at Home As the weather warms up, our green thumbs tend to show and if you use cannabis for therapeutic purposes you’ve probably toyed with the idea of starting your home cultivation. For personal medicinal use, one plant may be all you need to get started, and the encouraging news is that […]

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Cooking with Marijuana

If you think cooking with cannabis is about crumbling your herb into your latest concoction, then you’re doing it all wrong. There’s a very deliberate way to cook with marijuana and chefs are busy creating menus of tasting dishes specifically to fit with the cannabis culture. Le Cordon Bleu-trained Melissa Parks has been hiding the […]

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All About THC

Maybe you were of the mind at one point that the cannabis high experienced when lighting up a joint (or breaking off a piece of special brownie) came from dopamine. It’s a myth that was spread by the media, addiction therapists, and even NIDA for some time. But they have it all wrong. Although their […]

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