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Marijuana: Types and Effects on the Human Body

Marijuana: types and effects on the human body

Cannabis, or as we like to more commonly refer to it as ‘weed’, happens to be a psychoactive drug. It is sometimes used for medical purposes and is a commonplace recreational drug. Lets briefly explore the 3 main types of marijuana, and see how they differ from one another.


-This is the first type of marijuana and is believed to be an extremely strong category of weed.
-It has been grown primarily in the Hindu Kush region and has relatively shorter plants. Yes, that’s where “Kush” comes from. The leaves are wide and the plants also happen to have plenty of branches.
-When it comes to growing them, indoors is the best option. They are known to form a thick layer of resin which allows them to protect themselves against the bitter climate.
-When it comes to shedding light on the effects it has on our body, there are a couple of things which cannot be overlooked. For example, Indica is famous for having a soothing and calming effect. It relaxes the muscles and is commonly used at nap time or while watching a movie on a cozy day at home. Northern Lights and Purple Haze are some forms of Indica that you may have heard of.

It was first discovered way back in 1785 by Jean-Baptiste Lamark in India, which really is the reason why it starts with the prefix “Indi”. These plants are very short compared to other strains, which is why people generally grow Indica if they have to be secretive, or are growing indoors. Mostly, you get a more euphoric and uplifting feeling when consuming. This also gives you more of a “body high” as you feel it more in your body and legs.

When it comes to benefits for patients, Indica is the way to go. Its got much higher levels of CBD it is great for treating symptoms like pain, muscle spasms, nausea and sleep deprivation just to name a few. It has been very helpful to cancer patients as well; much more so than traditional cancer medicine given to you by a doctor. Some say that it is the absolute best and safest way to minimize all those unbearable side effects that come with having cancer, and without it life is a hundred times harder.


-This second type of marijuana has its plants standing tall with its branches loosely spread. The leaves are also narrow and Sativa is commonly grown outdoors.
-They usually grow as high as 20 feet. Some well-known flavors include: Sour Diesel and Lemon Haze.
-Quite opposite to its sibling mentioned above, it has an uplifting effect on the individual. A dose or two throws you into an energetic phase and is more commonly used during the day.
-People are known to smoke this when they desire to bring out their creative sides.
-It can however, result in very mild hallucinations and day dreaming, so it must be used sparingly.
-When it comes to its use in the world of medicine, Sativa has been declared to be of a lot of significance for people with mood disorders and can be a source of treatment for ADD. Fatigue as well as depression has also been treated with this drug.

Sativa always grows much taller, sometimes up to 20 feet. This large and slim plant usually produces a more potent weed. The effects of this high THC strain can give you paranoia and even make  you feel like you are tripping a bit (although i’ve never felt that myself). This more potent form of weed does have positive benefits and is prescribed to patients with serious illnesses like ADD/ADHD and HIV/AIDS. If you need to do something that requires strong mental focus – sativa is probably not the best. It also is recommended that if you were to smoke Sativa it would be better for your head to do it in the daytime. Not the best for people who have social anxiety, however they are good if you want something a little stronger and do not usually get paranoid or very anxious.

Hybrid: the best of both worlds

Seeds which have been attained from different geographical regions are made to cross germinate in order to create balance. This allows the effects of both Sativa and Indica to be combined together and this balanced mixture is loved by many. This is clearly one interesting innovation :).
So obviously, marijuana is one epic source of recreation and it does happen to possess a number of medicinal qualities. For example, marijuana is famous for drastically slowing down cancer’s spread and also improves the quality of life for those who are suffering from cancer.

It also is great for those with nerves related disorders. People are also known to use this to get rid of depression and anxiety; which are some of the many problems that our busy routines have caused many to develop.

Last but not the least, a lot of people have been grasped by the clutches of Alzheimer’s disease. Doctors have officially declared Sativa to be a cure. It slows down the progression via slowing the decay of the brain cells. That’s right, marijuana slows the rate of dying cells in your brain.

There are a LOT of individual benefits of using cannabis Indica vs cannabis Sativa to cure, or at least majorly reduce the negative effects some serious ailments and diseases.

There is a downside, one which cannot be ignored

There are several health hazards which accompany this gift of nature.
Whenever anything is misused or abused, it will result in negative effects. Those who smoke a little too much really need to learn some self-control, which truly is required for true recreational. If not, they usually suffer some not so pleasant outcomes.

Some people have been called into hospitals after an excessive dosage of marijuana. Your vision grows foggy, and one will often experience a burning sensation in the throat. Lightheadedness and drowsiness are just some of the many effects of excessive marijuana use.

If you start to experience anything like your skin feeling hot and cool simultaneously and your heart rate keeps escalating even though your body and muscles remain calm, its time to take a little break.

The bottom-line…
The way you take in cannabis, and the type of weed should be something to think about if you are planning on becoming a smoker. I would say, figure what you can handle and keep your marijuana smoking habits in check.
Peace, Love and Weed 🙂

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