Infinity Jars Screw Top Gift Pack 5 ml-250 ml

$118.00 $59.00

Listing includes 5 jars and 10 Infinity Jars’ self-labels. 1×5 ml screw top, 1×15 ml screw top, 1×50 ml screw top, 1×100 ml screw top and 1 x250 ml screw


Listing includes 5 jars and 10 Infinity Jars’ self-labels. 1×5 ml screw top, 1×15 ml screw top, 1×50 ml screw top, 1×100 ml screw top and 1 x250 ml screw top. We think we are selling the World’s Best Jars (Amazon customers agree), and you happen to be looking at our best selling line of products. Our heavy duty glass is aesthetically pleasing and is topped by a BPA free plastic lid. The biggest factor for the popularity of our screw top jar line is it’s performance and versatility. Airtight and leak proof? Check, takes just a quick twist of the wrist. Smell proof? Check, confirmed by a myriad of commentors, it’ll preserve aroma. Light proof? Yes, this is what actually sets us apart. All Infinity Jars glass is designed in a lab (after years of rigorous research) with the specific intent to prevent light from degrading whatever is inside. Our ultraviolet glass not only looks sleek and sexy, it protects organic matter better than anything else in the marketplace by refracting all visible light rays at the same time as permitting really helpful non-visible UVA (black light) and infrared light to pass. That’s a sciency way of saying the glass is optimized to utilize the power of light for good. This particular style provides the ultimate storage for: dried goods, powder, dried herbs, lotions, cosmetics, spices/seasonings, and almost anything else for a kitchen or bathroom. If you are a DIY-type or know one, this is the ultimate storage weapon, protecting precious contents more efficiently and preventing degradation for longer. It’s gorgeous, modern, and like nothing you’ve ever seen. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! “The Infinity Jars 30-day-guarantee!” We’ve made up our minds to put the risk on us! If you don’t see the preservation you expected, or the jar just didn’t give you the results you want within 30 days of the usage of our jars, simply send us an email and we’ll refund your order (minus shipping). No questions asked!
SCENT-PROOF AIRTIGHT BPA FREE PLASTIC LID: Heavy durable ultraviolet glass locks in aroma with airtight BPA free plastic lid. Insurance against the potency of your goods from dissipating.
AIRTIGHT SEAL: Provides additional protection; blocks out air exchange.
LABORATORY TESTED AND APPROVED, ULTRAVIOLET GLASS: Preserve and rejuvenate freshness of plant-based goods, for over 6 months! Blocks out all damaging visible light rays and only permit really helpful rays to enter. Delivers shockingly powerful and superior protection over other glassware.
START PRESERVING YOUR GOODS ORGANICALLY: Store goods chemical and preservative FREE- with confidence!
DRIED GOODS CAPACITY VARIES / HASSLE-FREE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! If for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied, within 30 days, please return your Infinity Jars for a no-questions asked, full refund (minus S&H)
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