LIONS TEETH Large Weed Herb Spice Tobacco Luxury Grinder With Removable Pollen Kief Catcher Screen Large 4 Piece 2.5 Inch Gold Cool Engraved Design



Lions Teeth Grinders speed up and simplify the process of separating dry herbs, and make it much easier to conserve your herbs when they are finely ground. When pulling herb apart by hand, pollen and other plant matter can stick to your fingers, reducing its potency. Then again, when herb is ground, it can be packed more tightly into a bowl or rolling paper – meaning the herb is exposed to less oxygen, and therefore will burn less before you inhale and increase the airflow.

This means that you are given more keep an eye on over how quickly (or slowly), and smoothly it burns. The usage of herb in this manner, especially through a water pipe or bubbler, can greatly help you conserve your stash. Our grinder can even act as a portable storage container for small amounts.

HOW TO USE OUR 4 PIECE WEED GRINDER Step 1. Remove the lid (1) of the uppermost section and place your buds onto the teeth (2) in a circle midway between the center and outer edge. Placing your bud in the very center tends not to work as well. Step 2. Rotate the lid (1) repeatedly to grind the buds giving it about 5 good turns in each direction. Then, peak under the lid (1) to make sure all the buds have make it through to the next section. If not, give it a few more turns in each direction and check again. Step 3. Before opening the grinder, give it a little sideways shake to even out the ground up buds so they don’t spill out when you open it. This also helps more kief fall into the kief catcher at the bottom. Step 4. Unscrew the main compartment (2) and enjoy the perfectly ground buds. Step 5. After a few uses, kief will collect in the bottom most compartment (4) and it can be collected by unscrewing the screen section (3).
# A GREAT MULTI PURPOSE GIFT – Best Quality Durable And Uniquely Designed To Stand Out – Beautiful Smooth Gold Finish – Strong Zinc Metal Diamond Teeth Shreds Effortlessly – Get The Best Grind Imaginable With Easy To Turn Precision Drift Rings – Works For Kitchen Spices And Herbs –
#MAKES MORE KIEF – Our Weed Spice Herb Tobacco Grinders Are Designed With Clipper Like Teeth To Make More Pollen – Breaking Herbs And Spices Apart By Hand Kills The Potency And Is Time Consuming – Our Grinder Keeps Your Bud Potent Even as Giving A Fine Grind – Get The Full Flavor Of Your Herbs Again Without The Mess
#HEAVY DUTY – Powerful Strong Neodymium Magnets Keep The Lid In Place Your Herbs Fresh And The Odors In the Grinder – It Can Even Act As A Portable Storage Container For Small Amounts. – One Of The Best Investments A Frequent Smoker Can Make
#REMOVABLE POLLEN SCREEN CATCH- Keef Kief Or Keif Whatever Your Lingo Our Pollen Catcher,Sifter And Gathering Tool Makes Collecting The Goodness Easy.The Bottom Part Makes A Great Storage Place For Your High End Premium Pollen
#BEST QUALITY No More Sticky Fingers – It Is A Shame To Buy Expensive Herbs And Destroy Its Potency With Your Hand Or A Cheap Grinder – Buy Our Connoisseur Quality Grinder Now Your Buds (Plant and human) Will love you for it. – IT WORKS GREAT OR YOUR MONEY BACK – Try it out at our expense – If you don’t seem to be fully satisfied, we will be able to refund your money.
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